We’re going Green!

Environmentally friendly hotels in the Lake District
At Linthwaite House Hotel we recognise our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services. We have assessed our activities and identified that our significant environmental aspects/impacts primarily including: energy and resource waste management. So what have we done so far?

2012 Update

We are continuing to invest in green technology. This year we are focusing on reducing energy consumption using our computerised BMS (Building Management System). We have also installed double glazing in several more rooms.

2011 Update

We have been working with Nurture Lakeland for the past few years who help look after the Lake District and Cumbria by working with tourism businesses and fundraising for conservation. We are very pleased to announce that we have now raised a grand total of £33,094! Click here to discover more about Nurture Lakeland and the work they do.

2010 Update - Gold Award!

We're absolutely thrilled to achieved a Gold from CBEN - it's been the culmination of lots of changes around the hotel - the largest of which is our extensive recycling project within the hotel. More details coming soon...

2010 Update - April

We have now raised over £30,000 for the Lake District Conservation Partnership - well done all!

2009 Update

We now recycle all glass, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, soft and hard plastic and kitchen oil as well as composting our vegetable matter. We are also well on our way to replacing all bulbs in the hotel with low energy bulbs. We are also delighted to have been awarded a Silver by CBEN for our efforts!

Just to give you a few ideas on how things are going:

  • We’ve stopped having bonfires and now pack cardboard for recycling.
  • We recycle printer cartridges, all our bottles and print on recycled paper.
  • We use local Cumbrian and organic suppliers wherever we can to reduce air-miles.
  • We are increasing the use of energy efficient bulbs throughout the hotel.
  • We installed a new energy efficient boiler in 2007 costing £150,000.
  • We burn only the wood from our grounds for our welcoming log fires!
  • We provide newspapers only to those who ask, reducing waste.
  • Our new vehicles are more economical (we even have a smart car in our midst!)

How did we do in 2008?

So far we saved 43 tons of waste from going to landfill per year by our current recycling efforts! In 2008 we contributed over £6000 to the Tourism and Conservation Partnership which encourages landscape conservation and the development of environmentally sustainable practices within the industry. See www.ourstolookafter.co.uk for more info.

"Hi Mike, Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you for forwarding your recent fundraising (£6,248). It really is fantastic to see your fundraising total continuing to grow and on behalf of the team here I would like to say a huge thank you for your commitment to The Partnership! Sarah Caley, The Tourism and Conservation Partnership

So what can you do?

  • Reduce washing by putting finished towels in the bathtub, if left on the towel rail, we will re-fold them.
  • Chill out-turn the heating down, especially if you open the windows.
  • Get unplugged - don’t leave the TV on stand-by (we waste the equivalent of 2 power stations' worth of electricity each year by leaving TV sets on standby!), unplug your laptop and mobile and get away from it all!
  • Lights out - Turn the master switch off when you leave the room, this turns of ALL the lights.
  • Control your water usage and the Lakes’ will love you!
  • Controversial maybe, but why not leave the car behind? Walk or cycle instead (we are in the Lake District after all!).

So what’s our plan for the future?

  • To carry out annual reviews of our progress.
  • Gradual replacement of windows in the hotel.
  • To replace all of our boilers with energy efficient new ones.
  • Create a nature trail throughout the grounds.
  • Design map and leaflet for guests of the grounds showing seasonal flora and fauna.
  • To involve our staff and guests more in our green policy!