A hotel is nothing without its staff.

We employ 47 wonderful people who make it all happen. People often ask whether we have lots of European members of staff. Well, most of our staff are British but we do have a few excellent staff from Europe, not least of whom is Marcin who has joined and left us three times!

Jean and I have been here since 1990, and Simon Doddrell, our partner, who is likened to Brains, in Thunderbirds are Go, has been here since 1994. He’s the techie and financial whizz.

Many other faces remain the same. Amy, our lovely receptionist has been on board for four years. Of course the wonderful Colin the gardener is still happy to give out gardening tips after 19 years at Linthwaite, but as he has reached retirement age he has reduced to a three day week. Other long standing members of staff include Kate our wedding coordinator who started with us in 2006 and also got married here!

John Handy, our maintenance man, has been on board for three years now and keeps everything looking good.