America Part 2: They say things happen in threes.

5th Mar 2013
On the flight down to Naples from Atlanta on day two of the 'amazing journey', we'd been discussing in the queue up for security which seats we were going to have. Now a lot of people would say I'm a lucky chap travelling with three really lovely ladies, but I wouldn't want to sit next to me especially as we were in the small seats at the back of the plane.
Anyway in the end it was decided democratically that I'd have the aisle. Big mistake. It's only a two hour flight and they don't serve meals as such, so most of us grabbed a snack before embarking. Then the trolley did come down the aisle with free, yes, free drinks. It should have been accompanied by the music from Jaws.
First trolley got me with coffee on the leg when the stewardess was serving the row behind. It was as if the bottom of the jug had a leak. Wearing kaki chinos and based on the thinness of American coffee (how do they stay awake?) it didn't have much affect. Then the next trolley came down and offered us drinks. As she passed me my iced water, well filled I might add, it seemed to slip from my grasp, and although I didn't let it all go in one drop I did get a fair bit over the same bit of leg.
Next, the other trolley came back collecting the rubbish. My knee cap wasn't sticking out far but far enough to get cracked by the corner of the trolley. To be fair all the Delta staff were very polite and apologetic and trying desperately not to laugh when I told them I'd be making a claim!
It was lovely to get off the plane and into the warm Floridian air. It seems unfair we were going to have to work because Florida has only ever meant a holiday for me.
How had the day been though? After all I am over here to promote Linthwaite. We visited four US agencies with between 2 and 19 agents in each office. They were all very patient as we were running late, and they listened attentively. I think the presentations were well received, and some said they'd already booked Linthwaite. One lady got so excited she went off to check her desk only to find that they'd changed the itinerary. But I'm positive we'll get some business out of this. After last years disastrous combination of a Royal Wedding, Queen's Diamond Anniversary, and the Olympics, all of which helped people to stay at home, we are hoping for some of the legacy from those events to bear fruit in 2013.
Yesterday I complained about the fact that clothes seemed expensive to me this trip. Well the other side of the coin is that it makes the UK a cheaper destination for people from the States. And that's the most important factor.