New Website

18th Dec 2013
Tuesday, December 17th marked the 110th anniversary of the Wright Brothers "First Flight" at Kitty Hawk, and President Obama issued a proclamation once again commemorating the anniversary day as "Wright Brothers Day."
Our take off was a bit different. Certainly less important. It's taken almost a year. But now we're here. Why do things take so long? When you brief an agency to re-design your website is it always going to result in an improvement? It was launched yesterday, on Tuesday 17th December.
We are now waiting for the reaction after all the stress. We're watching the analytics for signs of a drop in traffic. We're watching the booking engine for an increase in conversions. We're watching the SEO (that's search engine optimisation to the blissfully ignorant) and we're watching the PPC's (that's pay per click ads) to see if they're working better.
We've poured over photographs. We've commented on the colours, the tints, the skyscrapers. We've chipped away at the copy.
Now we have 4 more deadlines to reach before Christmas for the up and coming mailers.
How I yearn for the days when I started in hotel management in the early 70's. We just advertised in the papers, and got listed in the AA and RAC book. We produced a brochure. And then we waited for the post.
And they say life's easier?