Kendal Festival of Food, Linthwaite pop-up restaurant at Kendal College. Tuesday 25th March 2014.
26th Feb 2014
1. (of a book or greetings card) containing folded cut-out pictures that rise up to form a three-dimensional scene or figure when the page is turned.
(of an electric toaster) operating so as to push up a piece of toast quickly when it is ready.
(of a menu or other utility) able to be superimposed on the screen being worked on and suppressed rapidly.
2. denoting a shop or other venue that opens quickly and is intended to trade for only a short period of time. "fashion brands have been especially keen on pop-up stores in recent months"
It used to be that 'pop up' meant a lovely kids book with those beautiful cut out whatevers which would pop up when you opened the book. I used to love them. Not just because there were usually only 10 pages or so. Nowadays we have pop up everything including of course the ubiquitous pop up restaurant. We lived in Clerkenwell for a short time a few years ago and there was a disused garage which was converted into a pop up vodka promotion site, like a stage set. Absolutely amazing.  
Our friend Simon Rogan, of the 2 Michelin starred L'Enclume in nearby Cartmel, had a pop up restaurant in Marylebone for a year or so. Gone now of course as is the way with pop ups. And he's moved into Claridges in the spot Gordon R used to occupy. I hope they've changed their relationship with the hotel. Last time we ate there when we left the restaurant we couldn't find anyone in the bar to supply us with a malt. I went back to the Maitre D' and asked if he could help and he said the bar was nothing to do with Ramsay's restaurant operation at Claridges so basically, no, he couldn't. Back to pop ups though.
I'm told our chef is now getting in on the act.

Kendal College is a fantastic place light years away from what it used to be since being completely re-invented by the Principal (an ex Chef) Graham Wilkinson. The menu looks good and we know he can cook so why not give it a go. Pop up here and try!