Thatcher's permanent residence.

23rd Apr 2013
Mrs Thatcher has passed away. Official. You're probably fed up with hearing about it. But as a hotelier I found it fascinating that she spent her last months at the Ritz. Not quite a permanent resident, but was it the place the family knew she'd be spending her final days?  It was a last send off in style and nice to see they weren't worrying about not spending the money from the estate!
Permanent residents used to be a big part of my life in the early days of my career as a hotel manager, in Hove, actually.*
At the magnificent Sackville Hotel, no-one can dispute my opinion now, as it has been demolished, sadly, we had five permanent residents in 1972 when I started there as an Assistant Manager. They were all very genteel and obviously used to a good life of pampering.
Mrs Edmonds was the wife of a tie maker or importer, I can't say which. Rarely came downstairs. Always gave me a tie at Christmas. An absolute angel, she never complained, not even when there was a mouse in her room.
Lady Evelyn Drummond, of the old Drummonds Bank, now part of RBS, which, according to Wiki, the family sold in 1924. You can still see the old bank building on Charing Cross Road where Drummonds used to be. They tended to look after people like the Royal Family. She had a suite with a sea view. Her late husband's medals hung on the wall of her lounge. She also rarely came downstairs.
Another resident whose name I cannot recall, did come downstairs all the time, was very polite to the staff and again, no trouble at all. And another, a male, passed away in the lounge one day.
That leaves me with a fourth resident of whom I have written before. Much more trouble, but ironically the only one to leave me some money in her will! You knew you weren't in the will generally because you could be asked to witness something for the others from time to time.
It'll be interesting to see what Mrs T's will look like!
*A well known reply by residents of Hove, usually humorous, when asked if they live in Brighton is "Hove, actually" thus maintaining a distinction with their less genteel neighbour - source Wiki.