31st Mar 2013
I've just been told by Simon, my business partner, that we have just donated a further £3,341.95 to Nurture Lakeland for the last 12 months. We raised this money by asking guests checking in whether they wanted to contribute to saving the fells. It's a good cause. Our guests are very generous, but it is only £1 after all. Some say no, why shouldn't they? To date we have raised over £39,000. If you want to know more about the things they do with your money just click here to visit their website. Much of the work on the fells is carried out by volunteers. 

Well done y'all. 

But I am getting fed up being asked to donate prizes or money. Hardly a day goes by without someone (some I know or they know me, some I have no idea about or why they are asking me. Maybe they think hoteliers are rich?) asking for something, usually by lazy email. 

I have lost two brothers too early, and we tend to donate to the charities that fight MS and Cancer. Yet every day someone asks us for something. It might be their little Johnny going on a canoeing trip around the world, or it might be the Surbiton Women's Institute (I'm not knocking the Institute) asking for a raffle prize for their dinner. Heaven knows where the money goes. Then there's all the blooming 10K runners who no longer get you to sign a sheet to sponsor them and then have to make the effort to collect the cash afterwards. No, it's down to you to go on line and give give give. I did one recently for a relative through Facebook and have had no acknowledgement. Not a small thank you. Makes me grumpy and less likely to repeat; it was £25 after all. Is this the norm now? 

 I'd like less pressure please. We do give, privately and through our business. Most people I know are very generous. Some just don't like to be overt about their giving, but don't want to appear mean when they say no. And I have started saying no. And will continue to do so sometimes. Sorry!