It's hot!

9th Jul 2013
It's too hot to write. Someone is nagging me. "You haven't done a blog for ages". I never thought I'd be writing about this though.
It's early in the morning, I have all the windows open, and it won't get cool. I don't have a/c at home.
At Linthwaite we now have 3 air conditioned bedrooms. In 2008 when we built the new wing to incorporate a brand new big kitchen and five bedrooms, the architect suggested air conditioning. We said no. Not needed. Anyway it's not very green.
Global warming? Well, compared to the last 23 years at Linthwaite there have definitely been more comments lately about hot rooms than ever before. Maybe it's just because we are busier, or because it's hotter.
But this heat is unusual, so we need to make the most of it.
Two years ago, Colin, our 'retired' gardener (not) built the new lower terrace reserved for residents. We bought sun-loungers. No-one used them in 2012. Too busy watching the Olympics or the Queen? No, it was the weather.
This year people are setting their alarm clocks to early, dashing down with their towels, and behaving like our German friends in Majorca used to do.
Actually that last paragraph is not true. But you never know, if global warming continues, we may need an outdoor pool. In the Lake District. Unbelievable.