13th May 2014
My 91 year old Mum was up from sunny Bournemouth this week. She's still pretty fit. Drives herself around back at home. Lives in her flat without assistance.

She loves to come up to the lakes. She's quite happy just pottering around with me as a driver. Look at a few shops. Admire the verdant swathes. And not complain about the weather. For her, it's all positive. A lesson to some of us who leap on weather as a regular doom and gloom exercise.

Of course eating out was a treat for her. We had a fabulous Sunday lunch over at the Sun Inn at Kirkby Lonsdale. Enjoyed toasted tea cakes and tea at Lakeland Cafe, Windermere, run with a big smile by the irrepressible Marjorie Doherty. We had a generous snack at the excellent Baldry's in Grasmere. Great coffee in the Barn Shop. A substantial lunch at Beetham Nursery; she loves plants, so that was a win win.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we had a few fine dinners at a little place called Linthwaite. But yesterday she skipped lunch. "Well, I had a full English breakfast" she said as she nibbled on the cookie that came with mid morning coffee.

Sometimes I wonder where she puts it all.